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Keep Comfy Around the Clock with a Programmable Thermostat

Monday, February 10, 2014 @ 08:02 PM

Health experts recommend adjusting your thermostat before you go to bed at night to create an environment that’s conducive to sound sleep. Lowering the temperature in the winter or raising it in the summer at bedtime helps keep your energy bills manageable, too. No one in Hilton Head, SC, wants to wake up to a too-cold or too-hot home, however. A programmable thermostat lets you schedule your HVAC system to raise or lower the temperature before your alarm wakes you up for the day. Because these savvy devices feature multiple settings, you can program them to adjust the temperature automatically throughout the day, adding to your savings without compromising your comfort.

Choosing the Right Thermostat for You

The first generation of setback thermostats were often so difficult to program that only around 10 percent of the people that bought them actually programmed them. Today’s modern versions feature user-friendly interfaces that make them a breeze to use. The best programmable controls and thermostats come with an array of innovative functions and features, ranging from a thermostat the alerts you when it’s time to change the air filter to a WiFi thermostat that lets you access the device from your smartphone. Carrier’s Infinity Touch Control, for example, controls temperatures, humidity and air flow for up to eight zones in your home when connected to a compatible HVAC system.

Not every thermostat works with every heater or air conditioner, however, so it’s a good idea to consult an HVAC professional to ensure that you select the model best suited for your heating and cooling systems. Standard features to look for include:

  • Easy-to-read digital displays
  • Intuitive programming functions
  • At least four setback setting for each day of the week
  • Functions that let you override settings without losing programming
  • Vacation hold programming

Maximize Your Savings

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports savings as high as 15 percent on heating and cooling bills when thermostats are set back 10 degrees for an eight-hour period. The percentage of savings is even greater for homes in milder climates. Simply program the device to adjust the temperature a half hour before you arrive home, and you can enjoy optimal savings while maximizing your comfort, too.

For around-the-clock comfort, it’s hard to beat a programmable thermostat hooked up to a well-maintained HVAC system. Enrolling in a preventative maintenance program makes it easy to ensure that your heating and cooling systems achieve peak performance. Scheduled maintenance visits also help prevent the need for an HVAC repair or replacement, saving you money now as well as later.

Whether you’re shopping for a programmable thermostat or you’d like to schedule HVAC repair or maintenance services, the experts at Air Repair, Inc. can help you enjoy the highest level of comfort in your home while lowering your monthly energy bills at the same time. Just give us a call today to find out how we can help improve your home’s comfort level!

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