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Constant Furnace Cycling Driving You Crazy?

Friday, January 10, 2014 @ 09:01 AM

With chilly weather and increased heating activity, this is a common time for furnace issues to crop up. Constant cycling of your furnace can be annoying, especially if your home isn’t heating properly. It’s important to evaluate the issue to ensure that you can improve your home comfort.

Why Does My Furnace Cycle On and Off?

A call for heat occurs when your thermostat records that the room temperature has dropped below the desired temperature setting. When the desired temperature is reached, the call for heat ends. Colder weather may lead to longer periods of equipment operation and shorter times in between cycles. However, unusual cycling may signal a problem with your controls or equipment. If the furnace quickly turns on and off without doing much to heat your home, you are dealing with an issue known as short cycling.

Airflow is one possible cause, often easily rectified. Check your air filter to be sure that it is clean enough to permit an easy flow of air through your system. You should begin a heating season with a new filter, and you should check its condition each month to verify that it isn’t clogged with excessive dirt and debris. You can also verify that there aren’t blockages over vents that might be affecting the ability of air to circulate through your home.

Thermostat problems could also trigger constant cycling. Check your batteries to be sure that they aren’t bad. A bad thermostat could also be a concern, an issue that your heating contractor can identify.

Sensors and overheating issues may also lead to cycling problems. Internal components and issues require the expertise of a professional as DIY diagnostics can be costly and imprecise. They can also lead to compromised system safety in the case of combustion heating equipment. If your system issue isn’t resolved by an air filter or battery change, it’s time to contact your heating service provider.

Heading Off Heating Repair Issues

Although system malfunctions can be unpredictable, it is important to consider annual maintenance of your furnace to limit your risk of problems like short cycling. A tune-up allows your heating service provider to check for leaks, broken parts and other component failures. Residue can be cleaned from heat exchangers and sensors as well. Venting equipment and safeties are tested to ensure that your combustion equipment is operating safely. Up to 95 percent of system problems can be avoided by remembering to service your unit ahead of the winter heating season.

Air Repair Inc. can provide thorough diagnostics to pinpoint the source of your short cycling issue. We can also optimize your system so that you can count on better home comfort and energy efficiency in the coming months of cold weather. Feel free to contact our office to discuss your needs or schedule an appointment.

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