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Ductless Systems Deliver Comfort on Demand

Friday, March 7, 2014 @ 03:03 PM

Traditional central heating and air conditioning systems rely upon a network of air ducts and vents so that the heated or conditioned air can be blown throughout the system and into each room of the house or building. Ductless systems do not require air ducts and vents; instead, each room or zone is set up with its own thermostat, fan and power. This is connected to the outdoor heat pump that exchanges heat with the outdoor environment. A chemical coolant, R-410a, flows in tubing between the heat pump and the indoor unit of each zone to allow for zoned climate control. Each zone can be set to a different temperature and each thermostat is programmable for optimal efficiency and comfort.

How Does Ductless HVAC Installation Work?

The installation of a ductless residential or commercial heating system involves the setup of equipment indoors and outdoors. The outside unit consists of the actual heat pump. This is housed within a metal cabinet and looks similar to the outdoor portion of an air conditioning system. The indoor equipment is set up with one unit in each zone. The home or business owner can select how the zones are arranged. In a home, the owner may desire to have each bedroom as a separate zone and then the common living areas as another zone. The indoor equipment is mounted onto the wall or ceiling and includes a small box that houses the fan, fan motor and thermostat as well as connections to the electrical system. A length of tubing goes between the box and the outdoor unit. A separate remote control may be included. The remote control works as a convenient way to control the thermostat for each zone. The installation process of a ductless system takes one or two days to complete.

What Are the Benefits of Ductless Heating Systems?

Ductless heating systems offer state-of-the-art efficiency and performance. In traditional heating systems, up to 40 percent of the heated air may be lost due to air leaks in the ducts. This sort of heat loss does not happen with a ductless system. Instead of heating up the whole house or building, home and building owners may choose to just warm the zone that they are in at the time. This reduces the energy consumption of the heating system. In this way, ductless systems deliver comfort on demand. In addition to a smaller carbon footprint, ductless heating systems can lead to a significant savings.

When it comes to energy efficient, on-demand comfort, it’s difficult to beat the convenience and affordability of a ductless system. At Air Repair Inc., our technicians offer installation and maintenance of residential and commercial ductless HVAC equipment. Call us any time to learn more about going ductless or to schedule an HVAC installation for your Hilton Head, SC, home or business.

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