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AC Leaking Water? What is Normal and What Is Not

Monday, September 2, 2013 @ 08:09 AM

Looking outside at the condenser unit or in your home at the evaporator unit of the air conditioner to see a puddle of water could be an alarming experience for any homeowner. If you have ever wondered why air conditioners leak water, our team at Air Repair Inc. has the answers you’ve been looking for. With this guidance, you can determine whether your Hilton Head, SC, air conditioner is behaving as it should be or if it needs an air conditioner maintenance or repair visit.

When Leaking Water from the AC is Normal

Some amount of leaking water coming from the air conditioner during certain circumstances is normal and might even be expected. These situations include:

  • On days with high humidity
  • Days when the temperature is very high and the air conditioner is cycling frequently
  • A small amount of leaking water around the outdoor unit may result from normal system recycling of water

When Leaking Water Could Be a Problem

In some cases, leaking water from the air conditioner suggests a mechanical or some other type of a problem with the system. Keep your eyes open to these symptoms and circumstances when leaking water isn’t a normal occurrence.

  • Leaking water that results from melting ice on the unit
  • A large amount of leaking water
  • Water pooling around the indoor unit

What To Do If Your AC Is Leaking Water

There are some AC troubleshooting steps that you can take before calling for HVAC service. These steps could save you time and money.

  • Check the air filter. A dirty filter may cause the AC to overheat, resulting in ice buildup on the outdoor unit and a large pool of leaking water.
  • Obstruction in the condensate line. This is the PVC pipe that connects to a drain inside your home. Algae growth, lint, and other debris can clog the pipe.
  • Dirty coils on the outdoor unit may cause water leakage. Rinse off the coils with a garden hose.

If the air conditioner is still leaking water, it is best to call for a professional air conditioner maintenance and inspection of the system.

At the first sign of an air conditioner problem, it is of utmost importance to arrange for professional service. Prompt maintenance or repair can prevent a complete air conditioner breakdown. If you suspect the leaking water from the AC is an issue, we will troubleshoot it and fix it so you can quickly return to a comfortable home. For more information about our current service specials or to schedule a service call, contact us at Air Repair Inc. any time.

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